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What are the methods for the detection of automotive stamping die parts?

    Mold manufacturing technology modernization is the basis of the development of mold industry, with the progress and development of science and technology, a variety of technologies are constantly infiltration to the traditional manufacturing technology, integration. Now mainly for you to explain the car stamping die parts of the detection of several ways.
    1. Touch test
    Wipe the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. Inspectors are required to wear a touch glove along the stamping parts longitudinally close to the surface of the stamping parts, this test method depends on the experience of the inspector. If necessary, it can be used to polish the suspected suspicious area and verify it, but this method is an effective quick test method.
    2. Oil test
    Wipe the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. And then evenly brush the oil along the same direction to the entire outer surface of the stamping part. Put the finished oil stamping parts on the test under the strong light, it is recommended to put the stamping parts in the body position. With this method can be easily found on the stamping parts of the tiny pitting, deflated pond, ripple.
    3. Flexible gauze grinding
    Wipe the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. With a flexible sand net close to the surface of the stamping parts injection plastic molded products along the longitudinal direction to the entire surface, any pitting, indentation will be easily found.
    4. Whetstone grinding
    1), first clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze, and then polish the oilstone (20 × 20 × 100mm or more), where there is a circular arc and difficult to reach the place with a relatively small stone grinding (For example: 8 × 100mm semi-circular Whetstone).
    2), the choice of oil particle size depends on the surface conditions (such as roughness, galvanized, etc.). It is recommended to use fine-grained Whetstone. The direction of the polished stone is basically along the longitudinal direction, and the surface of the stamping part is well fitted, and some special places can also complement the lateral grinding.
    5. Visual inspection
    Visual inspection is mainly used to find the appearance of the stamping parts and macroscopic defects.
    6. Inspection inspection
    The stamping parts into the seized, refer to the instructions, the southern skin stamping parts for testing.

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