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Upgrading of Zhejiang Tianshine Plant

With the ability of Zhejiang Tianshine mold manufacturing continuously enhanced, more and more foreign enterprises continue to cooperate with us, we are not only confined to the injection mold product quality assurance, but also to expand and upgrade our injection molding workshop neatness, correlation, and safety.


We tested for all injection mold processing machine, and adjust the position &layout, make the machine itself advantage constantly reflected, let the whole mold machining process is more compact, to further improve the processing efficiency. For the superior and inferior products of the mold, the layout of the location is more reasonable, which shows that we are always concerned about the quality problems. The quality and quantity guarantee period is the foundation of the good faith management in Zhejjiang Tianshine.


The upgrading of the plant is to meet the new challenges, and we have been working hard for it. This will certain influence on the development of Zhejiang Tianshine, and it will make the enterprise a healthier and more sustainable development.


The upgrading will be completed at the end of this month. You are warm welcomed to visit our plant.