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Mold design

Mold, is a specific form of a certain way through the material molding of an industrial products, but also to produce a certain shape and size requirements of industrial products and parts of a production tool. Large to the aircraft, cars, small to the cup, nails, almost all of the industrial products must rely on mold molding. The high precision, high consistency and high productivity of mold parts are unmatched by any other processing method. Mold to a large extent determine the quality of products, benefits and new product development capabilities. So the mold has "the mother of industry," the honorary title.
The use of custom solutions to develop continuous die mold can achieve the best results. With Pro / ENGINEER continuous die software, easy-to-use guides guide the user through automatic strip layout definitions, punch mold creation, and placement and modification of mold components. Documents, gap cuts and bores are automatically created, allowing the mold designer to avoid manually performing tasks that are prone to error.
Function and advantage
Process-oriented workflow automates the design and refinement of continuous dies to speed up production
Contains large mold components and fastener libraries, thus speeding up the speed of detailed design
Speed ​​up flattening and recognizing features for segmentation
Improve design flexibility, and even allow the creation of a new stage after the creation of the mold
Increased efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, such as creating gap cuts