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Mold acceptance inspection standard

First, the appearance of molded products, size, with
1, the product surface does not allow defects: lack of material, charred, top white, white line, Phi peak, blistering, pull white (or crack, pull off), baking, wrinkles.
2., welding marks: the general round perforation welding line length of not more than 5mm, shaped perforation weld length less than 15mm, basics injection molding cycle weld line strength and through functional safety testing.
3, contraction: the appearance of the surface is not allowed to shrink, not obvious to allow a slight shrink (feel no dent).
4, the general small product flatness is less than 0.3mm, there are assembly requirements to ensure that the assembly requirements.
5, the appearance of obvious can not have gas pattern, expected flowers, the product generally can not have bubbles.
6, the product geometry, the size of the size of the accuracy should be consistent with the official open model drawings (or 3D files) requirements, product tolerances according to the principle of tolerance, shaft size tolerance for the negative tolerance, hole size tolerance is positive tolerance, As required by request.
7, product wall thickness: product wall thickness is generally required to achieve the average wall thickness, non-average wall thickness should meet the requirements of the drawings, the tolerance according to the mold characteristics should be -0.1mm.
8, the product with: shell shell with: the surface is less than 0.1mm dislocation, can not scratch the phenomenon, with the requirements of the hole, shaft, surface to ensure that with the interval and use requirements.
Second, the appearance of the mold
1, mold nameplate complete, clear characters, neatly arranged.
2, the nameplate should be fixed in the mold feet near the template and the reference angle of the place. The nameplate is fixed and reliable.
3, the cooling nozzle should be used plastic block plug mouth, the customer otherwise required by the request.
4, cooling nozzle should not extend out of the mold surface
5, cooling water nozzle to be processed counterbore, counter hole diameter of 25mm, 30mm, 35mm three specifications, hole chamfer, chamfer should be consistent
6, cooling water nozzle should be out of the mark
7, marked English characters and numbers should be greater than 5
8, the location in the faucet below 10mm, writing should be clear, beautiful, neat, even spacing.
9, mold parts should not affect the mold hoisting and storage. Installed below the exposed cylinder, faucet, pre-resetting mechanism, etc., should support the leg protection.
10, the installation of the legs to support the application of screws through the support legs fixed on the mold frame, too long support legs can be used to process the external thread pillar fastening in the mold.
11, die top hole size should meet the specified requirements of the injection molding machine,plastic injection molding cost in addition to small mold, can not only use a center out.
12, positioning ring should be fixed and reliable, circle diameter of 100mm, 250mm two, positioning ring higher than the bottom 10 ~ 20mm. Except as otherwise required by the customer.
13, mold size should meet the requirements of the specified injection molding machine.
14, the installation of the direction of the required mold should be in the front or rear template with arrows indicate the direction of installation, arrows should be next to the "UP" words, arrows and text are yellow, the word height of 50 mm.
15, mold surface should not have pits, rust, excess rings, access to water vapor, oil holes, and the appearance of the defects.
16, the mold should be easy to lift, transport, lifting can not be demolished mold parts, rings and faucets, tanks, pre-resetting rods and other interference.
Third, the mold material and hardness
1, mold mold frame should be used to meet the standard standard mold.
2, mold forming parts and casting system (core, moving die insert, movable insert, shunt cone, putter, sprue sets) material using the performance of more than 40Cr above the material.
3, forming molds on the corrosion of plastic, the molding parts should be made of corrosion-resistant materials, or its molding surface should take anti-corrosion measures.
4, mold parts hardness should not be less than 50HRC, or surface hardening hardness should be higher than 600HV.
Four, top out, reset, pumping the ferrule, pick up
1, the top should be smooth, no stuck, no abnormal sound.
2, inclined roof surface should be polished, oblique top surface is lower than the core surface.
3, the sliding parts should be opened sump, the surface to be nitriding treatment, after treatment, the surface hardness of HV700 or more.
4, all the mandrel should be set to stop, each mandrel should

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