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Metal stamping dies are always damaged in this

Metal stamping die stamping is the production of an indispensable important equipment, the quality of the mold stamping parts of the quality has a great impact, and in the metal stamping die production process, there will be metal stamping die damage, leading to increased production costs , Product quality decline, affecting the normal production order. Then lead to metal stamping die damage what are the reasons? The following a Hardware Factory for everyone to analyze.
1, metal stamping dies in the stamping process, if there is insufficient mold strength design or uneven force, bad mold orientation, tilt, or foreign matter between the template and so on, will lead to a mold not flexible, or even stuck. Then you need to stop production, identify the reasons for the mold, troubleshooting, otherwise, it will expand the fault, resulting in mold damage.
2, metal stamping die manufacturing materials and heat treatment process is appropriate, a great impact on the quality of the mold, if the stamping die quenching temperature is too high, quenching methods and the time is not reasonable, and the number of tempering and temperature, elbow fittings, elbow Poor choice between, extrusion blow moulding  will lead to mold into the stamping after the damage, the quality of metal stamping parts damaged.
3, metal stamping die in the processing process, if there is foreign body into the stamping die, parts overlap, waste and other obstruction occurred, but failed to timely treatment, the mold also continue to use, it is easy to cause the blanking plate, red Head, under the template and guide column damage.
4, metal stamping die blanking hole size or depth of design is not enough, easy to block the slot, resulting blanking plate damage. Spring blow molding machine manufacturers force design is too small or contour sets of unequal high, will break the spring, blanking plate tilt, resulting in overlapping punching, damaged parts. Improper punch or screw strength is not enough, will lead to the punch drop or broken, damage to the mold.
5, metal stamping dies in use, the parts location, orientation, etc. Installation error or bolt fastening is not good. Working height adjustment is too low, guide column lubrication inadequate, feeding equipment failure, abnormal press, etc., will result in stamping die damage.
Hardware stamping mold manufacturing difficulty, high cost, and put into production after the mold repair and sharpening maintenance costs are high, so the metal stamping parts production process, to understand the causes of mold damage, timely maintenance of the mold, Avoid damaging the mold, prolong the service life of the mold, and reduce the cost of stamping.