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Interpretation of plastic cosmetic bottles

Our company can already use the original production line to produce new size plastic bottles. This production line can now produce 125ml and 200ml plastic bottles, can also produce 2,6,8 and 12 ounces of capacity plastic bottles, 15,30,50,100 ml of glass bottles, and 30ml, 50ml glass jar. All of our containers can be equipped with a variety of caps, showing a different visual effects.

A polished plastic bottle with pearl color

PET bottles after polishing, you can have a beautiful pearl color. PET bottles with pearl color can be used as a packaging for all kinds of cosmetics. A suitable size for PET bottles for cosmetics is 3, 4, 6 and 9 ounces.

Environmentally friendly PET bottles

Thick-walled PET bottles use 100% recycled PET resin. This thick-walled PET bottle does not need to be extruded and is a good substitute for glass bottles. In addition to environmental protection, this thick resin bottle with recycled PET resin is also very resistant to folding and broken, you can design different sizes of bottles, including 100ml, 125ml, 200ml and 240ml different specifications. And the bottle may be coated with a different color according to the wishes of the consumer or the producer to obtain the gloss effect of the glass or metal bottle.

Smooth and slim plastic bottles

This is a production of slim type of plastic bottle production line, plastic bottle material is PP. This production line produces high-grade appearance of PP bottles, high economic efficiency. The capacity of the bottle is 30ml, 60ml and 120ml. The capacity of the small can is 30ml and 50ml. Bottles and small cans can be painted in a variety of colors to make them look more attractive.
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Oval-shaped bottle

Oval plastic bottles are customized for a skin care company. This bottle is designed for Beautology's shampoo design. 11 ounce bottles are made of HDPE material. The back of the bottle marked the "shampoo", and the bottle marked the company's "London" logo. The market for this shampoo is January of this year.
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 Thick walled PETE

Thick-walled PETE bottles are based on consumer and market demand developed. By using a blow mold, the capacity of the bottle can be extended from 7ml to 400ml, can also produce from 3ml to 570ml of a variety of plastic cans.

New bottle type

A company to the market launched 24 different shapes and sizes of spray bottles. These bottles are made of HDPE and PET for easy carrying. The design of the bottle comes from the needs of consumers, the company provides the appearance of decoration and label design.
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Cosmetic Packaging Group's production line can produce 50ml, 125ml and 250ml PET bottles. This rough bottle has a slender body and wide shoulders, very suitable for ladle shower, lotion, conditioner and other skin care products. This bottle can use a variety of caps, can also be matte and light coating.
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A plastic bottle manufacturer has developed two new bottles. One is a conical flask, the capacity is 150ml and 250ml, made of PP or PE, there are five different top cover; the other is a directional structure of the bottle, a rectangular bottom, curved bottle. This series of bottles has four different caps, the capacity is 100ml and 200ml, the material is PP or PE.

PET bottles

PET bottles and glass bottles compared with anti-broken, high transparency characteristics, can be part of the alternative glass bottles. The company offers PET bottles from 10ml to 1000ml, bottleneck sizes ranging from 18mm to 120mm. The bottle type includes standard cylindrical, square, and special water droplets. The company has a lot of production capacity, can quickly deliver, shorten the customer waiting time.


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