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Development of China 's Mold Industry

China's mold industry started late, since the mid-80s of the 20th century, China's mold industry has undergone great changes, especially in the past 10 years, the change can be said to be earth-shaking, and now has become the world's mold production power. In most areas, Chinese molds have occupied a considerable share. But in the high-end mold, still a large number of imports from abroad. From the mold industry as a whole, the overall level of China's mold is still dominated by middle and low molds.
From the history of China's mold factory development, after the founding of the PRC, China has no professional mold factory, five or sixties with the establishment of the automobile factory, and gradually established a subsidiary factory tool factory, the basic reference to the Soviet model The establishment of large and complete tool factory, with the development of the automotive industry, these tool factories gradually to mold factory.
Since the 90's, the rise of private mold factory, the introduction of a large number of CNC machine tools, CAD, CAE, CAM the gradual implementation of the mold industry to flourish, China has become a mold manufacturing power, but most of these factory production methods are large or full Small and complete, the basic manufacturing are low-end mold, the mold in the high-end, we basically in the low-end market vicious competition.
What is one of the biggest obstacles is our big or small or full of production methods, our mold production is not specialized division of labor or specialized division of labor is not sufficient.
At present, China's mold factory about 30000, of which about 5% of state-owned enterprises, joint ventures accounted for about 10%, about 85% of private enterprises, employing about 100 million people, annual output value of more than 20 million enterprises about 5,000 The 2015 die output value of about 170 billion yuan, enterprises own mold output value of about 40 billion yuan, add up to 210 billion, the per capita output value of about 210,000 yuan mold. According to China's mold Association statistics in 2014, 82 key enterprise information, these enterprises in 2014 die output value of 9 billion yuan, a total of 26,800 employees, per capita output value of about 335,000 yuan.
From the mold per capita output value comparison, the Japanese mold is 1.2 million yuan, the US mold is 1.27 million yuan, the German mold is 200 million, that is the mold per capita output value of the United States, Japan is China's 3-5 times, Germany is China's 5- 9 times.
There are two main reasons for the low per capita output value. First, the vast majority of our molds are low-end molds with low added value. Second, we have low production efficiency. Our equipment is not worse than them, why low value-added, low efficiency? A very important reason is that we do not "special". The so-called sophistication, "expertise" to technology. "Special" can be a boutique, "special" can be efficient. People professional division of labor is good, so the mold quality and efficient high. We are big but not strong, wide and not special, what are dry, what are not fine, which resulted in our technology to enhance the slow, slow quality improvement, slow to improve efficiency. Therefore, mold production specialization, intensive mold enterprises to enhance technology, improve quality, improve efficiency, to large and strong, specifically the only way to fine change.
With the mold manufacturing technology continues to improve, the future of the mold will be more and more rich. Any mold enterprises can not fully grasp these technologies, so the future of the mold manufacturing industry is bound to be a highly specialized industry.
From now the big and full, small and all of the mold manufacturing model, and gradually to the big and strong, special and fine change, the formation of a large band to the point of the specialization, intensive production mode. That is, a mold center, driven by a number of small mold factory and a number of process processing plants, the formation of large and strong, small and specialized production situation, the center has a professional focus, such as the side of the mold factory, door mold factory, beam Mold factory and so on. There are many rules of market segmentation, some will be divided according to different molding materials; may also be in accordance with the type of mold to points; some will be in accordance with the inner board, the outer plate and even the body of the assembly to be classified and so on.
Mold professional production is an inevitable trend to the enterprise as the main body to demand as the driving force, the development of "special, fine, special, new" mold enterprises and mold industry cluster, the only way we can occupy the high-end mold market, China can die by the mold Into a mold power. In addition to the market selection and mold factory self-selection, the mold association should also take a variety of ways to guide. China Mold Association's precision model can increase the special mold evaluation, such as the best side of the fence, the best fender, the best door, the best beam class, etc., to the mold factory to guide, to the OEM to recommend this Evaluation will be more meaningful, will boost the mold production of specialized division of labor. Enterprises should also be based on their own conditions and the specific circumstances of the implementation of differentiated strategy, the mold production in the intensive, professional, quality and international direction.
China's mold industry has emerged a professional production, intensive production trends, let us fueled, to promote the trend of the development of large. A flower alone is not a spring, thousands of purple is the spring, is willing to China's mold garden magnificent flowers, fragrant flowers, green verdant, a vitality, vigorous competition. China's professional production of mold is a long way, as long as we insist on going down, you will see the dawn of the power of mold, which is the dream of several generations of our mold!


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