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Cold upset mold so important do you really know? Talking about the importance of cold heading die

    Many fasteners are formed using cold heading molds. Cold heading die to withstand severe stamping load, the die surface to withstand high compressive stress. Requirements mold material with highstrength, toughness and wear resistance.
    Cold heading die after heat treatment, the surface must have a high hardness and the heart must have good toughness, so that the surface has a certain compressive stress can offset the cold heading process to withstand the stress.
    Cold work die steel, including the use of cutting the mold (blanking punching mold, trimming die, punch, scissors),  blow molding machine cold heading die and cold extrusion die, bending die and drawing die.
    Working conditions and performance requirements of cold work die steel
    Cold work die steel at work, due to the deformation of the material is relatively large resistance, the working part of the mold to withstand a lot of pressure, bending force, impact and friction. Therefore, the cold scissors of the normal cause of scrapping is generally wear. But also because of fracture, collapse and deformation of ultra-poor and premature failure.
    Cold work die steel and cutting tool steel has many common ground. Requires the mold with high hardness and wear resistance, high bending strength and sufficient toughness to ensure the smooth progress of the stamping process, the difference lies in the mold shape and the process of adding I complex. And the friction area is large, the wearability is big, so it is difficult to repair it. So require a higher wear resistance mold work to withstand the punching force. And because of the shape of the complex prone to stress concentration, so require a high toughness; mold size, shape complex. So require a higher hardenability, smaller deformation and cracking tendency. In short, the cold work die steel in the hardenability, wear resistance and toughness and other requirements are higher than the cutting tool steel in the red hardness of the requirements are lower or basically no requirement (because it is cold forming), so Also formed a number of suitable for cold mold for the use of steel, for example, the development of high wear resistance, micro-deformation of cold for mold steel and high toughness cold mold steel.

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