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China into the world machinery manufacturing machinery hardware industry crashed into the sky

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has been sustained high-speed development, China is a manufacturing country: the world in a large number of imported Chinese products, and China's exports, mechanical and electrical products accounted for the majority. In the current economic downturn and crisis, the machinery industry has been greatly affected, but the total size and total output after the United States, more than Japan, ranking second in the world, exports have surpassed Germany, reaching the world's first, 2009 China Automobile production has surpassed the United States and ranks first in the world. China has become a real world manufacturing power.

2010, "Global Manufacturing White Paper" published "the world's top 10 manufacturing power" list, China ranked third. 2011 "World Machinery 500", the United States to 126 companies selected topped the list, Japan to 124 home second, China's selected enterprises 77 home third. But this year the world's top 500 machinery 500, China has no one selected; the world's top 100 machinery, China only selected nine. The industry generally believe that China's manufacturing industry is not strong. International die and metal plastic industry supplier Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui analysis pointed out that China's hardware industry must change the concept of vigorously develop the production of advanced high-efficiency tool, with domestic and efficient advanced tool instead of foreign products, recapture the imported tool possession of this part of the market, Attention to after-sales production services, the only way, China's tool companies have the development of future, China's tool industry can be revitalized.

In recent years, China's hardware and tools industry, although not a small development, but far behind the machine tool industry. Most of the advanced tools used in production are imported from abroad (including foreign-funded enterprises in China). We are now also exporting a lot of knives, but mainly cheap low-grade standard tool. In 2004, China produced about 2.5 billion pieces of cutting tools, of which 2 billion are cheap low-grade tools (most of the exports), which is still a few years after the export of basic low-grade tool. In the US market, the medium size of the twist drill price of about $ 10 per day, while the Chinese production of low-grade twist drill price of only $ 1, was used as a hand tool. China now has the world's largest auto industry, but the automotive industry from abroad to introduce efficient production lines, 80% to 90% of the tools used are still imported knives (including domestic foreign-funded enterprises products).

Now China's production and supply of tooling is the case, high-end advanced tool products mainly rely on imports from abroad, and low-grade tool products vicious expansion (most of the exports), this situation must be changed as soon as possible. China's machinery manufacturing industry in the production of a large number of standard tools, while the developed countries are the use of highly efficient advanced tool, resulting in China's processing efficiency is far lower than abroad. Now China's tool factory, to mass production of traditional standard tool-based. From the technical development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry, the proportion of high-efficiency CNC machine tools in our country will increase year by year, and the demand for efficient advanced tools will increase rapidly, and the requirements of traditional standard tools will decrease year by year.

China's exports are cheap middle and low machine tools, and imports are expensive CNC and precision machine tools. Now the international economic development situation is not clear, in the face of complex and volatile domestic and international situation, although the first half of 2012 China's machinery industry situation is good, but the trend is not optimistic. China and the international manufacturing power compared to the technical there is a big gap, to improve product quality, increase high-end products, improve the level of manufacturing processes. By the impact of the world economic crisis, the first half of 2009 tool industry continued to decline, but 7 to 8 months after the entire economic situation has begun to pick up, the tool industry has gradually improved. China's hardware machinery industry if you want to further development in 2012, we must work hard in technology, developed a more sophisticated high-quality high-tech products.