Metal stamping dies are always damaged in this

Metal stamping die stamping is the production of an indispensable important equipment, the quality of the mold stamping parts of the quality has a great impact, and in the metal stamping die production process, there will be metal stamping die damage, leading to increased production costs , Product quality decline, affecting the normal production order.

What PU classification do you know?

Polyurethane (PU) high rebound sponge polyether polyols are generally used EO end-capping, polyether activity is greater, the sponge foam produced by the size of the mixed size distribution, the skeleton of different thickness, a large opening rate, in the When pressed, it will generate different supporting force of rebound under different deformation conditions.

What are the methods for the detection of automotive stamping die parts?

Mold manufacturing technology modernization is the basis of the development of mold industry, with the progress and development of science and technology, a variety of technologies are constantly infiltration to the traditional manufacturing technology, integration.

Mold acceptance inspection standard

the product surface does not allow defects: lack of material, charred, top white, white line, Phi peak, blistering, pull white (or crack, pull off), baking, wrinkles.

Injection molding staff must master the eighteen knowledge points!

The melt usually flows from the nozzle into the nozzle, but some of the mold, the nozzle is part of the mold, because it extends to the bottom of the mold. There are two main types of nozzle: open shot and closed mouth. Injection molding should be used more open nozzle, because they are both cheap and less likely to stay.

The mold spring uses the new posture correctly

The proportion of the spring in the total cost of the mold is minimal, trying to save costs on the spring, may cause premature failure of the spring, increase maintenance costs, reduce productivity, make you waste more time with labor costs, and even damage the mold Resulting in greater losses.

Analysis on Seven Systems of Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machines are one of the most commonly used plastic machines in plastic processing. The structure of plastic injection molding machines is usually controlledby injection systems, mold clamping systems, hydraulic drive systems, electrical control systems, lubrication systems, heating and cooling systems, safety Monitoring system and other components.

Mold parts hardness is the main factor affecting wear resistance

Refinding outcome composition composition outcome, Under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness of mold parts, the smaller the wear, wear resistance is also better.

Mold tips: mold spring correctly use the new posture

The proportion of the spring in the total cost of the mold is minimal, trying to save costs on the spring, may cause premature failure of the spring, increase maintenance costs, reduce productivity, make you waste more time with labor costs, and even damage the mold Resulting in greater losses.

Cold upset mold so important do you really know? Talking about the importance of cold heading die

Many fasteners are formed using cold heading molds. Cold heading die to withstand severe stamping load, the die surface to withstand high compressive stress. Requirements mold material with highstrength, toughness and wear resistance.

Mold development boosts "Made in China" transformation

5 years ago, China's auto industry required mold domestic self-sufficiency rate of less than 30%, has now significantly increased to more than 80%. Not only that, China's leading mold enterprises only 135 days to complete a new car body R & D trial production, shorter than the international counterparts a week or so, a strong mold rapid prototyping technology to boost China for six consecutive years to become the world's largest car Production and marketing country.

Mold size and plastic shrinkage classic introduction!

    When designing the plastic mold, the mold structure can be determined after the mold part of the detailed design, that is, to determine the size of the template and parts, cavity and core size. This will involve the main design parameters such as material shrinkage. So only to specifically grasp the shrinkage of plastic molding in order to determine the size of the various parts of the cavity. Even if the selected mold structure is correct, but the use of improper parameters, it is impossible to produce quality qualified plastic parts.

Interpretation of plastic cosmetic bottles

Our company can already use the original production line to produce new size plastic bottles. This production line can now produce 125ml and 200ml plastic bottles, can also produce 2,6,8 and 12 ounces of capacity plastic bottles, 15,30,50,100 ml of glass bottles, and 30ml, 50ml glass jar. All of our containers can be equipped with a variety of caps, showing a different visual effects.

Development of China 's Mold Industry

China's mold industry started late, since the mid-80s of the 20th century, China's mold industry has undergone great changes, especially in the past 10 years, the change can be said to be earth-shaking, and now has become the world's mold production power.

China into the world machinery manufacturing machinery hardware industry crashed into the sky

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has been sustained high-speed development, China is a manufacturing country: the world in a large number of imported Chinese products, and China's exports, mechanical and electrical products accounted for the majority.

Hardware mold industry development of technical support is the key

China's metal mold has a relatively strong competitiveness, the biggest advantage and strength that lies, private enterprises are also traditional industries. Hardware molds want to enter the high-end market, can not do without high-tech support.

Plastic mold industry continues to develop five operating characteristics

 With the development of the economy, the plastic mold industry increasingly fierce competition, the industry pointed out that the current mold industry presents five operating characteristics, a single custom production mode, product differentiation is obvious; mold manufacturing enterprises average sales lower; industry technology Level compared with the developed countries still exist a large gap; regional concentration is high; high-end mold products, domestic production and demand contradictions.

Reduce the cost of mold 5 big trick you know what?

The cost of mold enterprises by manpower, materials, mold design and manufacturing procedures, suppliers and other factors, how to effectively reduce costs? Starting from the following aspects!

The Sustainable Development of Plastic Mold in Automobile Industry

China's plastics industry (rotomoulding products) is a plastic processing as the core of the plastic synthetic resin, additives and additives and plastic processing machinery and mold as a whole "Chaoyang industry."

Mold insulation coating to mold heat energy saving 80%

Mold in fact and our lives are closely related to our lives more than 90% of the items must be processed through the mold, and 95% of these items must be through the high temperature mold casting, the temperature should generally reach more than 300 ℃.

Factors of safety protection for mould protection system of injection molding machine

As the most important production tool in injection molding plant, it determines the shape, specification, size and appearance smoothness of the product. The hardware mold material is the steel, generally by the front mold / the back mold composition. Mold protection, because the mold has specificity, precision, vulnerability and so on

What are the effects of cooling stereotypes on the quality of rolled products?

Effect of Cooling Forming Factors on the Quality of Rolled Products

Amaplast: Plastic industry will continue to grow in the next three years

Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and mold industry association Amaplast (2017 by Assocomaplast renamed Amaplast) President AlessandroGrassi said the plastics industry has returned to its pre-crisis level, the best period is coming soon.

Upgrading of Zhejiang Tianshine Plant

With the ability of Zhejiang Tianshine mold manufacturing continuously enhanced, more and more foreign enterprises continue to cooperate with us, we are not only confined to the injection mold product quality assurance, but also to expand and upgrade our injection molding workshop neatness, correlation, and safety.

Mold design

Mold, is a specific form of a certain way through the material molding of an industrial products, but also to produce a certain shape and size requirements of industrial products and parts of a production tool.

Assembly and Packing

In each office there is at least one stapler, which provides us with the ideal means of keeping many sheets of paper together, believing that many students have staplers at home.